Wine Bibliography

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XI […] Another wine of the sweet class is called honey-wine; (Latin & English, the book) (English only, as website)


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317. Hippocras.
319. To make red white wine red at the table,
337. To remove water from wine,
338. To make fortified wine.


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The Ressaite to make Ypocras.
The Crafte to make Ypocras and Braket and Clare.
For Clarre.
For Braket.


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165 Om goeden finen witten clareyt te maken.
165 To make good fine white claret.
166 Om te maken finen rooden clareyt.
166 To make a fine red claret.
167 Om te maken finen gheluwen [gele] clareyt.
167 To make fine yellow claret.
168 Om te maken eenen stoop goeden finen ypocras.
168 To make one stoop good fine hypocras.
169 Om te maken goeden finen ypocras.
169 To make good fine hypocras.
170 Noch om te maken anderen ypocras.
170 Also to make another hypocras.
171 Noch om te maken goeden finen ypocras.
171 Also to make another fine hypocras.


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To make diverse wines. Capit. LXVIII.
To find out if grapes are ripe enough to be cut. That LXIX capittel.
When the must has been seething
If you want to keep the good precious wine /
To make must sweet. Capit.
LXXTo make unhealthy wine strong /
Item do in an ame wine one stoop of roasted wine
To make from white wine red wine. Cap. LXXII.
To help wine which begins to turn – Capt LXXIII.
To make wine with ritsoelen [?]. Cap. LXXIV.
To make with cloves – Capit. LXXV.
To make wine sagitta– Capit. LXXVI.
To make good wine garnet – Capit. LXXVII.
To make claret similar as made in Rome / cleaned. [?] – Capit. LXXVIII.


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77. How to keepe Claret wine, or any other wine good, many yeares together.
97 How to put severall liquors or Wines in one Glasse, without mixing.


The Jewell House of Art and Nature, conteining diverse rare and profitable Inventions, together with sundry new experimentes in the Art of Husbandry, Distillation, and Moulding. By Hugh Platte. London: Peter Short, 1597.

To helpe Wine that reboileth.


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