Medieval Ale & Beer

This manual happened by request, and is meant to help assist medieval enthusiasts, experimental archaeologists, re-enactors and anyone else interested in recreating historic ales and beers. It is a collection of bits and pieces published by many authors of the past on the brewing of beer – now conveniently gathered in one place – and it is meant to guide the modern brewer in making the best guesses possible for his or her historic brew. Much of the information available on brewing is from the 16th century, after the invention of printing press. Not all that unexpected, the first books specializing in beer and brewing appeared in Latin, the language of academics, and German, the language of a prolific brewing culture. While I will make an effort to include all books on brewing known to me, whether they are accessible to the English brewer or not, as I am neither fluent in Latin, nor in medieval German, I only have some tantalizing bits and pieces of foreign language information to share – for now.
As the process of brewing did not change all that much until the industrialization of the early 19th century, I opted to include titles of books published up until 1800 to use as comparison with the older information.

If you know of a book, a manuscript, a recipe, a publication which helped you in your historic brewing, but you do not see it here, please contact me to have it included in the next revision. Depending on new finds and research this manual will be regularly updated.

Now available to read and download from at: