Mead Bibliography

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1. Of the way to make mead.
2. How to make the best Honey-wine.


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3. A wine is also made of only water and honey.


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4. An Arab Mead


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5. Fuqqā’ al-‘asal (alcohol-free honey beer, or short mead)
6. Another honey beer
7. Another [honey] beer recipe
8. A recipe for making khamr (intoxicating wine) from raisins
9. A recipe for plain honey wine (sharāb mu’assal sādhaj)
10. A recipe for raisin wine (nabīdh zabībī)
11. A recipe for mead (nabīdh ‘asalī) without raisins


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12. Concerning Oenomeli.
13. Oenomeli from must.
14. Preparation of hydromel.
15. Another preparation of Hydromel.
16. Rhodomelites.


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17. For to make mead.
18. And if you would make metheglin.


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19. How you want to make good mead


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20. Bochet.
21. Item, another bochet which keeps for 4 years, (Le Ménagier de Paris – 1393)


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22. To make Braggot.,+Thomas+Wright&source=gbs_navlinks_s


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23. […]
24. To make braggot.
25. To make mead.
26. To make fine mead & poignant.


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27. The hydromel


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28. For Braket.


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29. To make mead
30. To make mead
31. To make mead


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32. To make must sweet.


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Translated & republished as Olaus Magnus. A Description of the Northern Peoples 1555.

33. On the making of hydromel, honey wine, or mead
34. Instructions about the ingredients.
35. On brewing mead in the Polish or Lithuanian manner.
36. Further Instructions for making hydromel, mead or mules by the Gota method.


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37. Of Metheglin.
38. There is also another kinde of drinke like to Metheglin,
39. To make Bragget.


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40. The making of a Bragget
41. A receipt for the making of an artificiall Malmesey.


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42. To make mead.
43. And another.
44. To make wine-like honey-water.


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45. […] If the liquor be not strong enough
46. The learned Physitian Mathais de Lobel
47. One excellent receipte I will heere set downe


Koge Bog: Indeholdendis et hundrede fornødene stycker etc. Kiøbenhaffn (Copenhagen): Aff Salomone Sartorio, 1616.

Henry Notaker’s Old Cookbooks and Food History First printed Nordic cookbook

48. White mead to make that will be used soon
49. Another way of Gualthere Reyff.


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50. Metheglin is a very strong drink,
51. Meath or Mead, is like to Metheglin,


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52. Of Mead, a good/spicy drink.
53. If you wish it stronger and more forceful,
54. Would you wish to make a good spiced mead,
55. In old times this kind of mead was made:
56: Another type:


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57. To make mead.
58. To make mead.